Executive orders by Donald Trump

Contentious executive orders by Donald Trump

When he was sworn into office on Jan 20, 2017 Americans and the rest of the world was eager to see how Donald Trumps’ 100 days in office would be. True to his world the new president is honoring his campaign pledges fast than anyone could have imagined. Through what some has described as contentious executive orders, it appears like he will not need 100 days to honor some of the pledges. He has already signed more than 10 executive’s orders all of which are in line with what he promised his supporters. Here is a summary of some of the executive orders by Donald Trump;

  1. During his campaign Donald Trump said that Obamacare will come crushing on its own weight and to avoid this, Donald Trump has already signed an executive order minimizing the economic burden of the Obama care awaiting repeal. As such all agencies head are permitted to waive the requirements of the ACA.
  2. Executive order on environmental reviews and approvals for high priority infrastructure
  3. Withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership or the TPP
  4. Executive order aimed at promoting the safety of Americans. This executive order is aimed at ensuring all illegal aliens are deported quick and fast. In this executive order, aliens convicted of criminal activities, those already charged, those who have engaged in chargeable offence among many others will be the priority groups to deport
  5. Executive order on American Border security and immigration enhancements
  6. Banning the entry from seven Muslim majority countries. This executive order has banned the entry of citizens from Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Syria and Iran. This executive order has already attracted the attention of other countries such as Iran. Although the Iran foreign minister Mr. Javad Zarif, did not fully confirm the measures to be undertaken by his government, he said Iran will be reciprocating.
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