What great students do before joining college or university

What great students do before joining college or university?

The day you have been waiting for is finally here, you have received the acceptance letter from your college or university of choice and you will be joining college. This is a moment where many students experience mixed reaction. This is a period many students are excited about having their long awaited freedom and financial responsibilities. However, looking back, here are some five things you should do or know before joining college.

  1. Do not be the procrastinating type

College or university life brings freedom to many and many are the times that you will find yourself balancing class work and college life. The secret to being ahead of peers is avoid procrastination. It will not only stress you out, but also facilitate low grades.

  1. Be a good manager of your finances

Whether your guardian or parent is well up to fund even clothing, college is the place where you can start learning to manage your finances. Try and get scholarship. There is always free scholarship and this can ease the burden. In addition don’t be so dependent on your parent, try to be innovative, get a part time job. Most technological invention has been made by college students, pursue your passion.

  1. Know that all the peers are just like you

Remember that everyone will be just like you and thus no need to get nervous. Be open minded and friendly to new friends.

  1. Learn more about the college

Learning about your college or university policies and regulation. Research about your college and in a digital world, try and follow and connect with the college social media handles such as Twitter, and Facebook. These sites can be great sources of real time updates about events.

  1. Determine if you want school accommodation

While many college or university offer accommodation, sit down with your parents and determine if you want to live in the school facilities. Living in the school facilities have some advantages and advantages just like renting out. However, for freshman, it is a good idea get school accommodation.






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