Our Guarantees

Niceessays.com takes prides in being the best essay writing websites. We always guarantee you quality service. When you order a paper from niceessays.com we guarantee you the following;


Top quality papers

At niceessays.com we assure our clients top quality papers. We are experts and we have been in the writing industry for years. We know that a poor quality paper does not attract a good grade. We care more about the grade you get and that’s why we have committed to provide you with top notch papers. Quality services have always been our priority and we work hard to ensure that your papers meet your instructions and they are neatly written.

We also engage or clients throughout the process so as to ensure that any issues that may arise are solved in due course.

Plagiarism free papers

Niceessays.com commits to provide plagiarism, free papers. As a company, we take academic integrity seriously. We always ensure that you get authentic papers. Even our writers know that we take plagiarism seriously. We don’t tolerate any form of plagiarism. We use the plagiarism checker services so as to ensure that any form of plagiarism will be detected before a paper is sent to the client.

Timely delivery

As part of our commitment to deliver top quality papers, we have committed to ensure that your papers are submitted on time. We know that a paper that is delivered past the deadline is not of any worth. Such papers are either rejected or they are awarded poor grades. At niceessays.com we work within the set deadline since we have able writers who are experts in essays writing


At niceessays.com we always maintain the secrecy of the customer information. This is part of our ethical commitment and we always keep your information as a secret. Even our employees will not have access to your data so you don’t have to worry about your confidentiality. Your payment details are also protected.

Money back guarantee

At nicessays.com we commit to ensure that you get top quality papers and you are 100 percent satisfied. However, in case our customers are not satisfied; they have the right to ask for a refund. We assure you that you will get a refund in case our services dO not meet your expectations. We process our refunds within hours and thus you are assured that you will only get the best papers.

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